Parts USA are authorised to carry out Safety Recalls and Warranty Repairs

If your GM vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty, Parts USA can carry out any repairs required. Safety recalls are performed, free of charge, on all vehicles regardless of age or warranty status. Models sold through the European dealer network are also eligible for Special Coverage and Customer Satisfaction Programs.

Safety Recall Lookup

Use the tool below to check your vehicle for open safety recalls. Enter your full 17 digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and click 'Check'. Results will open in a new window.

If your vehicle was supplied through the GM European dealer network and is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, Parts USA can carry out any covered repairs required at no cost to you.

Please note: Personal imports or cars supplied outside of the European network do not have warranty cover in the UK.

Please use the safety recall lookup feature above to determine if there are any open recalls on your vehicle. If there are, Parts USA will perform the recall free of charge to you. Safety recalls will be performed on all North American GM vehicles regardless of age, mileage, origin or write-off status.
Special Coverage
Some vehicles are eligible for Special Coverage repairs. These repairs rectify known issues with GM products and are carried out at no cost to you. Special Coverage often runs for an extended time outside of the vehicle’s warranty period. These repairs will not appear using the recall lookup tool, but we can advise if your required repair may be covered.

Customer Satisfaction Programs
Occasionally, GM identify an issue with their products that may negatively affect your driving experience. In these cases, once a rectification is found, it can be carried out on your vehicle at no cost to you. As with Special Coverage, Customer Satisfaction Programs often run outside of the normal warranty period.

Special Coverage and Customer Satisfaction Programs can only be carried out on vehicles supplied through the European dealer network.

United States Military personnel who bring their GM vehicle to the UK while on active duty can enjoy the same warranty coverage as they would receive in the US. Contact us for further information.