Vehicle and Module Programming

As vehicles become more technologically advanced, the number of components that need specialist programming is increasing. This is very difficult, often impossible, to carry out without the correct manufacturer's equipment.


Parts USA utilise the latest GM hardware to program modules and electronic components on your Cadillac, Corvette, Camaro, HUMMER, or other North American GM vehicle.

See below for information on individual programming services available from Parts USA.


The MDI (Multiple Diagnostic Interface) is the latest module programming and diagnostic tool released by GM. It covers vehicles produced from 2012 to present day.

J-46079 TPMS tool

The J-46079 tool is used to program or resynchronize tyre pressure sensors on late model GM vehicles.

Tech 2

Tech2 is the diagnostic and programming tool for GM vehicles from mid 1990s until 2012, when MDI became standard equipment.

Other Tools

Various diagnostic and programming tools available for non-GM vehicles. Get in touch to see if we can meet your programming needs.

See the list below for common control modules, their usage and alternative names. Parts USA can supply, fit and program all modules in the list, plus a number of others.

  • Engine Control Module (ECM)

    Controls all engine and ignition related electronic functions.
    AKA: ECU (Engine Control Unit), PCM (Powertrain Control Module), VCM (Vehicle Control Module)

  • Body Control Module (BCM)

    Controls all convenience and infotainment function. Lights, windows, instruments etc.

  • Transmission Control Module (TCM)

    Controls transmission functions.
    AKA: TCU (Transmission Control Unit), Gearbox Control Module.

  • Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM)

    Controls ABS and Traction Control functionality.
    AKA: EBTCM (Electronic Brake and Traction Control Module)

  • Fuel Pump Control Module (FPCM)

    Some vehicles utilise a fuel pump control module to perform the fuel related tasks usually controlled by the ECM.